When it comes to personal finance, busy parents can feel overwhelmed. We offer a wealth of information and informative articles on all aspects of household finance and budgeting. Expert financial planners and advisers combined with real world parents like you mean you get practical and useful advice for a bountiful future.

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Top 5 Reasons why Real Estate is still a good investment opportunity

Boom and Bust

Mention the words real estate investment, and there is a good chance some people may get the jitters. This is only natural considering the recession of 2008 and all the nasty fallouts from it, only recently settled down. To be fair, the real estate business is like any other business, it goes through a boom and bust cycle. There are many reasons for this. Therefore, just concentrating on a few negative reasons and staying away from it is not a good idea. There is even a term for this in the world of business, and it’s called a recency bias.

Even in a bust cycle, there are plenty of opportunities. For example, in the bust of 2008, there were a lot of investors who took advantage of Texas real estate investment and its lower prices, bought property, and then waited for the gains that followed and sold. In some cases, realtors were making a 200% gain! So, in a way, you could say there never is a bad time as far as real estate transactions go, as long as you do your due diligence.


We’ve all heard the popular expression realtors like to use “location, location, location” when it comes to buying a house. Besides the obvious reason, such as not building a house next to a smelly recycling plant, there are other geographic reasons to consider. One of the best examples of finding the right location would be a city that is experiencing fast growth. Identifying a city that is increasing in its population mass, is one of the best ways to find a booming market. Within the city, there will obviously be areas that are better than others, such as beautiful geographic locations, school districts etc.

Top Five Reasons for Real Estates Popularity

One of the main reasons why real estate investing is popular is because of its tangibility. Unlike many other forms of investment, housing prices are not changing every day depending on the mood of the media. Therefore, in the US, or anywhere for that matter, one of the most popular investments is real estate development.

The next reason for real estate investments popularity is leverage. If you or your company has good credit, then banks are willing to back you on your investment. This is in part because banks also see the long-term value in a good real estate investment.

The third reason on the list is that real estate prices are the lowest they have been. Ever since the crash of 2008, people have been taking advantage of all the foreclosures. The benefits of all this for you is that you can buy low and sell high.

The fact is that real estate has always been a good long term investment. In fact, real estate prices have only gotten better in the past few decades, despite any economic downturn. And if there are any apartments or housing with tenants, then that’s just an added layer of security.

Last but not least, eying the immigrant population has been a popular way to do real estate speculation. In fact, most of the major cities in the US for example, are buying and building with the wealthy immigrant in mind. This may be a recent trend, never the less it is shaping up to be an extremely lucrative business.




Identity Theft

Identity theft is something absolutely no one wants to deal with. It can swiftly deal a harsh blow to your finances and your life in general. Luckily, there is a means to stop identity theft in its tracks. Learn to employ identity theft protection best practices immediately.

Understand Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone steals your personal and financial information. They then use this new information to “assume your identity.” The information they’ve stolen allows them to make transactions or purchases under your name and often with your money.


There are three primary methods of identity theft. First is the old school way. Thieves look for print information such as bank or credit card statements. These documents are often found by sifting through the trash.

The second method of identity theft is more high tech. Thieves use a number of technologies to digitally steal your identity. These often utilize the Internet, such as hacking corporate databases or sending out computer viruses.

The third method of identity theft is fraud. Thieves pose as your financial institution, credit card company, government agency, or another reputable institution. They’ll call or email you in an attempt to get you to give them your personal information.

Prevent Identity Theft

Everyone is at risk for identity theft. In fact, it’s a crime where many victims are initially unaware that a crime has even been committed. A few of the best ways to prevent identity theft yourself include:

  • Don’t carry your social security card. Only give out your SSN when absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t give anyone your personal information over the phone or email.
  • Shield keypad of computer when typing passwords and ATMs when typing pin.
  • Shred any information that contains personal or financial information. Examples include receipts, account statements, and credit card offers.
  • Ensure your computer is up to date with the best virus detection software. Install a firewall for additional protection.

Another key way to stop identity theft in its tracks is by checking your credit report on a regular basis. Every American is guaranteed a free annual credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) every year. Review them for accounts with creditors you didn’t open.

Establish a Recovery Plan

Unfortunately, identity theft happens even to those that use identity theft prevention best practices. If you notice suspicious activity that hints towards identity theft, report it to the Federal Trade Commission and your local police department immediately. You can also use the help of an identity theft recovery service to resolve issues with banks, credit card companies, and other institution involved in the theft.

It goes without saying that no one wants to be the victim of identity theft. So incorporate the identity theft prevention best practices discussed above to ensure that your identity remains safe and sound for good.

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When it comes to personal finance, busy parents can feel overwhelmed. We offer a wealth of information and informative articles on all aspects of household finance and budgeting. Expert financial planners and advisers combined with real world parents like you mean you get practical and useful advice for a bountiful future.

Here are some of the topics you will find extensively covered on our site that are the most relevant to families.

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On our site, you will find no-nonsense articles on the following topics and much more. Our site is constantly putting up new information to keep you in the know about all things family finance.


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Creating a budget is helpful for families and makes it easier to achieve long-term financial goals. Our articles will help you create a basic or very detailed budget depending on your needs and goals. Budgets can and should change over time as you and your children age.


At some point, you will likely want to retire. The earlier you begin planning for retirement, the more likely it is that you can have a comfortable one. Without a good plan, you may have to work longer than you would like to.

Long Term Care And Life Insurance

The world of insurance is a lot more complicated than you might think. Knowing the different types of policies and when you should lock in a good rate can add to your financial portfolio and ensure that you don’t find yourself paying very high rates later in life.

untitled-1Planning For College And Child Care

Starting a family is a beautiful thing, but it is not free. Adding to your family means you need to plan for child care and college expenses for the long term. We offer tips and advice to get your family off to a great start.

What You Won’t Find Here

Our site doesn’t have advice that is unrealistic for a lot of people. You won’t find articles that explain how to get rich quick or that try to get you involved with scams.

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Having even a small plan for your finances can offer peace of mind and added security. Financial success means being smart about how your money is spent and thinking about the long and short-term benefits of any investment before taking the plunge.

There is a lot of sites boasting financial advice out there. You need a site that combines reputable articles into one place so you get not just any old advice but the good advice you can use.

Staying Up To Date=Cash In Your Pocket

Financial times and opportunities can change quickly. Be sure to look back at our site regularly for the most up to date news in the world of finance. No matter what your financial situation, it always pays to be informed. There may be good investment opportunities or financial restructuring that can offer you tax savings and allow you to invest in the long term future of your children.

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